« With 93 countries represented, CIGRE Session has become the global leading power systems event for technical experts. Many more experts than ever participating in a week-long technical programme. The entire power systems stakeholders were all at CIGRE Session 2016… »  (Transformers Magazine)

« Every year, there are dozens of conferences.. One of the key events is CIGRE Paris for Power Systems Experts… » (Electric Energy T&D Magazine)

International Press

Journalists came from all over the world to cover CIGRE 2016 Session 

France, Italy, UK, Spain, Croatia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Japan, China, Korea…


Electric Energy T&D Magazine, Transmission & Distribution World, SEE/REE, Enerpresse, Quotidiano Energia, Copper Worldwide, Transformers Magazine, Modern Power Systems, Electronique Mag







 …Industrie Mag, Green Univers, Electro Magazine, Groupe Réseaux VRD, BFM Business TV, Konkarevac, Digital Substation, INMR Canada & INMR China, Energy & Electricity Daily News, YTN World Korean Television, Gimelec, MDEE, Ceder Ciemat, Pointview, Watts on, Energize South Africa, Crown publications, Eskom, Niooz, CTSS China Power Transformer, IMA China, ….

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