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JRO_7446-LBR-210816_imagelargeThe CIGRE Session is a the leading event for Power Systems Experts.

It is a unique opportunity to meet your peers.

Based on technical conferences, specialized workshops, dedicated working groups, poster Sessions, social events, the CIGRE Session is a complete networking opportunity.

More than 3 290 international delegates are attending a fully dedicated technical programme : technical conferences, poster Sessions, working groups.

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CIGRE, an international non-profit Association
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CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems) is a permanent non-governmental and non-profit-making international association based in France.

It was founded in 1921 and aims to :

  • Facilitate and develop the exchange of engineering knowledge and information, between engineering personnel and technical specialists in all countries as regards generation and high voltage transmission of electricity ;
  • Make managers, decision-makers and regulators aware of the synthesis of CIGRE’s work, in the area of electric power. Issues related to planning and operation of power systems, design, construction, maintenance and disposal of HV equipment and plants, protection of electrical systems, telecontrol and telecommunication equipment, data management are at the core of CIGRE’s mission.

Electricity markets, regulation and environment are also within the field of concern of CIGRE.

National committees

CIGRE Central Office which is based in Paris France, counts 58 National Committees to enhance its relationship and get closer to its Members. CIGRE National Committees offer to its Members direct access to services and supports. CIGRE counts more than 14 000 equivalent Members composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, and other decision makers, in over 80 countries.

Study Committees

More than 3 500 experts from across the globe actively collaborate in structured work programmes with CIGRE. There efforts are coordinated by 16 Study Committees which are overseen by a Technical Committee. Research efforts are anchored to four interlinked objectives: designing and deploying the power system of the future, optimizing existing equipment and power systems, respecting the environment, and offering access to information to international key players in the electrical power systems’ industry.

New President elected
CIGRE has a new President. Dr Robert STEPHEN, Chairman of the National Committee of South Africa, has been elected President of CIGRE by the Administrative Council during the Session in Paris on 23rd August. Robert STEPHEN has a long CIGRE record as convener of Working Groups, Special Reporter and Chairman of Study Committee B2 (Overhead lines). He is CIGRE’ s first President from Africa.

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Every two years, an Exhibition is organised in Paris, France

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More than 8 500 senior executives, engineers & experts

from the worlwide Power Industry

  • 22 % Utility
  • 21 % Manufacturer
  • 16 % Consulting
  • 14 % Laboratory / Research
  • 14 % Producer
  • 14 % TSO (Transmission System Operator)
  • 10 % Educational Body
  • 5 % Service
  • 4 % DSO (Distribution Sytem Operator)
  • 1 % Regulator
  • 3 % Other

(2016 statistics)


A fast growing eventgraph

The number of attendees has reached 8 500

Breaking record of 3 290 delegates

Increased number of papers  = 550
(+ 235 papers compared to last Session)

Increased number of exhibitors (249 exhibitors)

Larger Session area > 13 680 sqmflèche 3

(2016 statistics)

New: organisation of Tutorials
New: online solution to support the spontaneous contributions during Technical Councils.


A unique opportunity to learn, exchange, network

In 5 days :


  • 550 contributions from international senior executives, experts and specialists : more abstracts propositions than ever!    Click here
  • 370 meetings
  • 16 posters
    The organizing committee has arranged poster sessions in which papers from the 16 technical councils are presented, giving DSC_1109delegates an opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with the authors of the CIGRE papers
  • a social programme
    with a welcome drink and coffee breaks to engage further discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • a technical exhibition on 3 levels
    Products and advanced technologies from around the globe. It includes displays and demonstrations by many of the world’s leading manufacturers that supply power generation and transmission utilities with the latest technologies installed in transmission systems.

Cigre Session, the only T&D event

with a REAL international audience

countries represented


  • 3 % Africa
  • 4 % Middle East
  • 4 % North America
  • 5 % South America
  • 10 % France
  • 15 % Europe outside EU
  • 21 % Asia Pacific
  • 38 % EU

      (2016 statistics)


Main themes :

  • Eco design of equipment
  • Maintenance, refurbishment and life time of equipment
  • Real time monitoring of equipment and systems
  • Development of DC solutions
  • Coordination between TSOs
  • Public acceptance of equipment
  • Integration of renewable
  • Active distribution systems
  • Information systems




97 % of attendees are very satisfied or satisfied with the 2016 Cigre Session

98 % say that the main benefit is to network and the possibility to choose from more
than 550 advanced technical presentations, panel discussions and 16 poster Sessions.

93 % are planning to attend next Session Cigre 2018

98 % would recommend the Session

48 % are only attending Cigre Session

(2016 statistics)

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Registrations should be made online before the Session, from mid-January to mid-August 2018 at the latest.

No registrations on site in Paris.